Where and when are the childrens English classes? Why should we attend English Explorers children's English classes? How much do the childrens English classes cost? What happens in an English Explorers childrens English lesson?

Where And When Are The Classes?

We currently offer classes at the times and locations detailed below and please note that all classes are aimed at children 2-7 years old unless otherwise stated. If your favoured location isn't currently listed, please get in touch as the more we hear from people about an area the more likely it is to be the next one added!

Weekly Schedule / Lukujärjestys
10:00       10:10 - Käpylä / Metsälä
11:00           11:00 - Käpylä / Metsälä
12:00       Reserved for an
after-school club
Reserved for an
after-school club
11:55 - Käpylä / Metsälä
14:00   Reserved for a
daycare club
  14:00 - Kamppi 14:10 - Malmi
14:10 - Tapiola
14:10 - Olari
15:00 Reserved for an
after-school club
      15:00 - Olari **
15:55 - Olari *
16:00 16:30 - Meilahti
16:30 - Leppävaara
16:30 - Kulosaari
16:30 - Järvenpää
16:30 - Espoon keskus 16:30 - Kulosaari
16:30 - Tikkurila
16:30 - Myyrmäki
16:30 - Punavuori
17:00 17:20 - Meilahti
17:20 - Leppävaara
17:20 - Kulosaari
17:20 - Järvenpää
17:20 - Espoon keskus 17:20 - Kulosaari
17:20 - Tikkurila
17:20 - Myyrmäki
17:20 - Punavuori
18:00 18:10 - Meilahti *
18:10 - Leppävaara *
18:10 - Kulosaari *
18:10 - Järvenpää *
18:10 - Espoon keskus * 18:10 - Kulosaari *
18:10 - Tikkurila *
18:10 - Myyrmäki *
18:10 - Punavuori *
19:00 19:05 - Leppävaara ** 19:05 - Järvenpää ** 19:05 - Espoon keskus** 19:05 - Kulosaari **
19:05 - Tikkurila **
19:05 - Myyrmäki **
19:05 - Punavuori **
  * Advanced class for 2-7 year old children. This group is aimed at those already comfortable speaking in English.
** 8-11 year old children.

Espoo - Espoon Keskus
Art Zenter, Kaivomestarinkatu 3 C, 02770 Espoo.

Wednesday at 16:30, 17:20, 18:10 and 19:05. Check the Espoon Keskus venue or Book a free trial class.

Espoo - Leppävaara
Leppävaaran Nuorisotila, Askarteluhuone (2krs), Veräjäpellonkatu 6 C, 02650 Espoo.

Monday at 16:30, 17:20, 18:10 and 19:05. Check the Leppävaara venue or book a free trial class.

Espoo - Olari
Tanssistudio Liike, Kuunkehrä 4 A, 02210 Espoo.

Saturday at 14:10, 15:00 and 15:50. Check the Olari venue or book a free trial class.

Espoo - Tapiola
Tanssikoulu DCA, Studio 2, Länsituulentie 4 F, 02100 Espoo.

Friday at 14:10. Check the Tapiola venue or book a free trial class.

Helsinki - Kamppi
HiMO Club Oy, Lönnrotinkatu 28 A, 00180 Helsinki.

Thursday at 14:00. Check the Kamppi venue or book a free trial class.

Helsinki - Kulosaari
Kulosaaren Yhteiskoulu, Room R27, Ståhlberginkuja 1, 00570 Helsinki.

Tuesday or Thursday at 16:30, 17:20, 18:10 and 19:05 (Thurs only). Check the Kulosaari venue or book a free trial class.

Helsinki - Käpylä / Metsälä
Pohtimo Room, Art Soppi, Läkkisepäntie 4, 00620 Helsinki.

Saturday at 10:10, 11:00 and 11:55. Check the Käpylä / Metsälä venue or book a free trial class.

Helsinki - Malmi
Malmitalo, Kokoushuone 2, Ala-Malmin tori 1, 00700 Helsinki.

Friday at 14:10. Check the Malmi venue or book a free trial class.

Helsinki - Meilahti
Raisiontie 10, 00280 Helsinki.

Monday at 16:30, 17:20 and 18:10. Check the Meilahti venue or book a free trial class.

Helsinki - Punavuori
HAUTOMO by EdBH -tanssistudio, Merimiehenkatu 29, sisäpiha, 00150 Helsinki.

Friday at 16:30, 17:20, 18:10 and 19:05. Check the Punavuori venue or book a free trial class.

Keski-Uudenmaan kristillinen koulu, Room 207, Sonni Greyn aukio 1, 04400 Järvenpää.

Tuesday at 16:30, 17:20, 18:10 and 19:05. Check the Järvenpää venue or book a free trial class.

Vantaa - Myyrmäki
Taidetalo Toteemi, Myyrmäentie 6, 01600 Vantaa.

Friday at 16:30, 17:20, 18:10 and 19:05. Check the Myyrmäki venue or book a free trial class.

Vantaa - Tikkurila
Peltolan koulu, Room Äidinkieli 3, Lummetie 27, 01300 Vantaa.

Thursday at 16:30, 17:20, 18:10 and 19:05. Check the Tikkurila venue or book a free trial class.

Why Should We Attend?

English Explorers lesson list

We want your child explore the English language with us in a pressure free and fun filled environment where there is plenty of shared laughter and joyous moments between all the kids and adults present. It's genuine quality time between you and your child!

English Explorers class photoBy focusing on being an activity in which children will want to take part, we can gently introduce them to new vocabulary and concepts and build on that week by week to give them strong foundations in the English language.

Crucially, as we only work with native English speaking teachers, your child will be getting first hand exposure to their pronunciation which can give a better chance of accent free English as they develop their skills.

Studies have shown that it is easier to learn a language when younger so by starting out in English early you are also giving them a better chance to maximise their potential.

It's also a wonderful place for you to meet other likeminded parents in your area also small children. Friendships between the children, and even the adults, could blossom!

Through keeping it to a single forty five minute lesson every seven days we believe your time at English Explorers will be something you will both look forward to each week.

We look forward to welcoming you to join in the fun! Book your free trial lesson now.

How Much Does It Cost?

Free trial English lesson Come and try your first lesson for free with no further obligation! Join in one of our friendly classes and see how much fun you both have. Should you enjoy your trial lesson and want to come back, it costs €15 (including VAT) per week, with a booking taken for the entire term.

Book your free trial lesson now.

We operate a term length of up to twenty weeks with breaks for any holidays. The exact length and total cost of your term will be confirmed after your trial class and some variations may occur.

Sibling discount!Payments are generally made by bank transfer from an invoice we will send to you. If you would prefer to pay by a different method, please let us know and we will try to accomodate you.

Plus, bring more than one child to the same lesson and you qualify for a 20% sibling discount for each additional child! So the cost for a second (or third!) child in the lesson would be only €12 including VAT.

If you have any questions or would like more details about the costs, term times or how to pay please don't hesitate to contact us.

What Happens In A Lesson?

Practising English from a young age should be fun! Native speaking English teacher for your child A childrens English class full of laughter!

Each lesson is unique although we do include elements of repetition so the children can enjoy familiar songs or dances into which they can really throw themselves. It can also be useful to repeat vocabulary to ensure it has imprinted in their memory and to help improve pronunciation.

Greeting in EnglishTypically, we would start with practising greetings with each child getting a name sticker as part of this process which also introduces concepts of asking for something from an available choice.

Singing  in English At this point we all join in the 'hello' song with accompany actions. Don't worry, we're sure you'll both get to know it in no time at all!

Activities in EnglishNext up we would take part in an activity designed to introduce or reinforce some vocabulary based around a theme, anything from types of fruit to numbers! As a rule this would be a group activity but with each individual child given an opportunity to speak. We try to make this part as energetic and fun as possible so there's a good chance it will include singing or dancing or some kind of physical activity.

Stories in EnglishThis could perhaps be followed up with a story, usually linked in some way to the introduced vocabulary and include lots of participation from the children. A colourful puppet may even make an appearance!

Games in EnglishThen could be anything from themed colouring in with the teacher coming around for one-to-one time with each child to a game based on the words that they have learnt. Something that will really capture their imagination!

If there is time we would try to do a quick recap as a group to build confidence and practise pronunciation.

Saying goodbye in EnglishFinally everyone gets a chance to say goodbye in English which we vary in style and format to keep it interesting.

Remember though, every time will be a little bit different and involve different activities so it stays fresh, fun and challenging for your child.

If you have any questions about the lessons please don't hesitate to contact us or, if you're ready to come and try us then book your freel trial.