Childrens English Classes In Espoon Keskus, Espoo

Childrens English lessons venue in Espoon Keskus, Espoo Inside the Espoon Keskus childrens English classes venue

The pre-school childrens English lessons in Espoon Keskus take place on Wednesdays starting at 17:20 and 18:10 with each class lasting for 45 minutes.

The 17:20 class is aimed at children of all levels of English whilst the 18:10 is an advanced class and so for children who are already comfortable using English.

We also have a group offering fun, games and learning in an English environment aimed at 8-11 year old children which takes place at 19:05.

All these children's English clubs are held at Art Zenter, Kaivomestarinkatu 3 C, 02770 Espoo.

The autumn term for the Espoon Keskus venue will run on these 15 dates:

Week 35 - 30th August
Week 36 - 6th September
Week 37 - 13th September
Week 38 - 20th September
Week 39 - 27th September
Week 40 - 4th October
Week 41 - 11th October
Week 43 - 25th October
Week 44 - 1st November
Week 45 - 8th November
Week 46 - 15th November
Week 47 - 22nd November
Week 48 - 29th November
Week 50 - 13th December
Week 51 - 20th December

Your child is welcome to join in at any stage though and we're sure they will fit right in! Book your free trial lesson.

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