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Our Current Teachers And Staff

Meet our current teachers and other staff. We all delight in helping your children learn the English language but if you want to know a little more then read on!


Chris at English ExplorersChris is from England and studied for his degree at universities in England and France. Since graduating he has worked in various roles that required him to us the English language, creatively and more. He achieved a highly graded CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in 2002 and formed English Explorers in 2014.

He believes young children learn best through play and particularly enjoys that his job means he often gets to make loud animal noises!


Katja at English ExplorersKatja is our Finnish speaker and so if you deal with us in suomeksi the chances are you have spoken or emailed with her. She also takes care of our endless requests for help on all manner of things in and around the office. Things couldn't run smoothly without her! She also helped launch the company and has been behind many of our best ideas.

A child at heart, she still enjoys games and creative play as much as any four or eight year old!